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Hello. We Are KPComms

We are a boutique PR consultancy based in New Zealand, helping our clients tell their story in a rapidly evolving digital age. We pride ourselves on being a business partner to some of Australasia’s leading digital technology and corporate brands.

Many of our clients are thought leaders and futurists. We help them shape their communications narrative, working in the here and now while also looking forward.

We are equally at home working with big brands on storytelling, social influence, and media strategies as we are working with entrepreneurial start-ups who need help building their business reputation and market influence from ground zero.

How to respond & react when the world is evolving.

Constant is the only change in our fast-moving, evolving world. At KPComms, we pride ourselves on being research nerds, keeping a watching brief on global and regional market conditions, industry trends, opportunities and risks that could impact our clients and their customers. At a local level this means keeping up to date with analyst insights, government policies and legislative changes that impact on our client’s business and product roadmap.

And when an issue or opportunity arises, we ensure our clients are equipped with the necessary market ‘smarts’, communication strategies and tools they need to get the job done.

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